888ladies’ new bingo mobile app lets members play and win anywhere!


Bingo lovers needn’t limit themselves to playing their favourite game at the local bingo hall or on their home computer any longer - with 888ladies’ new mobile bingo app they can play to win wherever they go. Free to download on iPhone, and with Android versions on the way, the app is perfect for a quick game or two at lunch, for passing time on a commute, or even just relaxing on the sofa at home.

Current members of 888ladies can use their existing account to play on their mobiles, as the bingo app synchronises with the information stored on their online account. Potential newcomers to 888ladies will be pleased to hear that setting up a new account is quick and easy too.

The mobile bingo games work much like the online versions that experienced players will already be used to, with the only real change being the transition from point-and-click with a mouse to touchscreen technology, which actually works very well for bingo. Your brightly coloured bingo cards are lined up in a column, over which you can scroll up and down as the numbers are called. At the moment, players can choose from a selection of 90-ball games, but fans of 75-ball bingo will be happy to know that this slightly quicker version of the game should be available for mobile soon.

The chat room features work more or less the same as they do online, despite the obvious difference in screen size, which says something about how well designed the app is. Navigating between games, account settings and chat is easy to get to grips with, and most players will become accustomed to the different features very quickly.

The app doesn’t only offer mobile bingo either, in spite of its name - players can enjoy a number of fun instant games too, adding to the variety of the app, while also offering some respite from frantic number-checking.

A great way for lovers of the game to enjoy bingo on the move, 888ladies’ bingo mobile app is also well worth a download for anyone with a passing interest who is looking for something convenient and enjoyable to play on their smartphone.