HUB++ Custom Notification App for BlackBerry 10 Updated to


HUB++ LED Disco Edition is a notification customization utility for all your BlackBerry 10 messages. The app includes lots of options for audio alerts and LED color patterns so you can distinguish between types of message or contact.

The multi colored LED has the ability to give you lots of details about who is calling or which type of message that unchecked message is. Great if you’re the type of person who appreciates good phone etiquette but still wants to be in touch for emergencies. The customization can get a little specific like you can have a different sequence for whether or not your supervisor has been cc’d on the message.

The other advantage HUB++ brings is how quickly you can have a message acknowledged as read or flagged for later reading using their natively developed add-on to BlackBerry Hub.

The latest update brings BBM notifications to the supported message list as well as support for the new Q10 smartphone.

Click here to buy HUB++ for BlackBerry 10 for $2.99 from BlackBerry World.