Why The Most Important BlackBerry Z10 Accessory Is A Case


For those of you who currently own a BlackBerry Z10, there’s an interesting engineering decision that you should know about. Every touchscreen device has something called a digitizer, which is the part of a touchscreen that senses your touch and “digitizes” your gestures into impulses that the phone can understand as commands. With the BlackBerry Z10, this digitizer is fused right to the glass, meaning if you break the screen, you break the digitizer and the device instantly becomes a paperweight.


On many smartphones, the digitizer and screen are separate. This allows you to repair a cracked screen without having to replace the digitizer, which lowers the cost of repair.

So if you’re a Z10 owner, or planning on buying one, do yourself a favor and get a case. By saving the device from a cracked screen, you’re also saving yourself from having to replace the digitizer as well. You’ll also save yourself from not having a working phone until the screen is replaced, since the fused digitizer will brick the phone when the screen is cracked.

Photo and post idea credit to CB Forum member CatlinFD.

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  • J Johnstone

    Got mine in a otterbox from day one.In my line of work the phone takes a lot of abuse. Dropped it a few dozen times and so far no damage. Otter box could improve the case however – magnet won’t put it to sleep and the case covers to much of the touch sensitive bezel making swiping a little difficult at times.

  • brent

    Samsung s3 and apple are the same. S3 is 1080p as well making it over 300 to repair in a cellphone shop. The iphone is around 150. The only way around it is to heat the screen off with a heat gun separating it from the digitzer. There is some youtube videos showing how to do that but I can’t imagine to many people taking that task on. If you were successful u could have a cheap fix only repairing the glass but not even cell phone shops attenpt it do to the risk of damage to the phone. Anyways just thoight id inform you from a fellow two time iphone glass break owner and one time s3 broken glass owner.