Endomondo Sports Tracking App Launches on BlackBerry 10


Endomondo is a free or premium cross-platform sports tracking app that uses GPS and other techniques to track workout session. The company ported their iOS/Android app over to BlackBerry 10 due to overwhelming customer feedback.

The best part about Endomondo is how thorough the app is. With over 15 million users the company has developed and polished their app to a high degree of functionality and features.

Here are a few of the features found in the free version:

  • GPS tracking for lots of activities
  • Workout history
  • Route mapping
  • Pep talk delivery to friends
  • Access to the social community

Here are a few of the features found in the premium version:

  • Interval training
  • Workout graphs
  • Beat yourself challenges
  • Weather info
  • and more…

Click here to download Endomondo for BlackBerry 10 free from BlackBerry World.

The premium version is available for a $2.99 monthly or $19.99 yearly subscription.