Mobihand/Mobireach Assets Sold to OpenMobile Worldwide for $15,000


There’s a lot of BlackBerry and Android developers out there that still possibly have money owed to them by Mobihand. The company went bankrupt back in September of 2012 and recent court documents obtained by BlackBerryCool show that the company has sold to OpenMobile Worldwide for $15,000. It doesn’t look like developers will be getting their money any time soon as many are owed in excess of $15,000 and the period to recoup your loses has likely expired. It’s not really clear what OpenMobile does, but its about page suggests it works with app stores to improve their core technologies.

mobihand vs app world

There’s also an overbid procedure so if you’d like to buy Mobihand/Mobireach, you can do so for at least $17,500. For that price, you get a native app store client for Android, as well as a host of other technologies such as APIs and update management systems. It actually seems like a really good deal.