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Wikitude Places Beta Launches on BlackBerry 10


Augmented Reality leader Wikitude launches Wikitude Places for BlackBerry 10. The new service provides Location Based Services to Wikitude users and helps to build their LBS database of sights, restaurants, hotels and shops. Continue reading ‘Wikitude Places Beta Launches on BlackBerry 10′

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Goes Cross-Platform Summer 2013


At BlackBerry Live 2013, BlackBerry has just made a pretty major announcement. As of Summer 2013, BBM will be cross platform. This has been discussed for some time and many have debated whether or not it will happen. On the one hand, many thought that it wouldn’t happen because it’s a crucial customer retention tool for BlackBerry. On the other hand, users want to be able to communicate with their friends, regardless of what smartphone they use.

When BBM launches for other platforms this summer, it will have Messaging and Groups features for iOS 6 users and Android users running Ice Cream Sandwich. For the following updates, other platforms will get BBM Voice, Screensharing and BBM Channels.

BlackBerry Announces BBM Channels: A New Social Network for BlackBerry Users


At BlackBerry Live 2013, BlackBerry has announced BlackBerry Channels. Channels is a natural evolution for BBM as it adds a more public and social element to what has always been a fairly private network of users. BBM has gone from what was a very intimate adding process to what seems more open, with brands and individuals being able to set up a space within BBM where people can interact. It should be interesting to see how well this is received because social networks are generally more open than being smartphone-specific.

Channels launches in beta today with a few channels already set up including Mercedes, Alicia Keys, Goo Goo Dolls and more.

Alicia Keys Announces BlackBerry Scholars Program to Encourage Women in Tech


A lot of people are asking about Alicia Keys’ role at BlackBerry and at BlackBerry Live 2013, she announced a few projects that she’s working on at the company under Frank Boulben’s leadership. Keys began her keynote talking about how women are central to BlackBerry and she wants to help foster that relationship. She mentioned that women, while they graduate at higher rates then men, have a problem getting into the technology industry at the same rate as men.

The BlackBerry Scholars program is a program to help encourage women to get into the tech industry by providing four year scholarships for women in science and technology programs. She also announced that BlackBerry will be funding creative projects around the world and helping artists to create.

Go to for more details.

Skype Available for Download for Q10 and Z10 Users With BlackBerry OS 10.1


At BlackBerry Live 2013, BlackBerry and Skype have announced that the famous calling app will be available on all BlackBerry 10.1 devices. BlackBerry has said that by the end of the week, all Z10 devices should have a 10.1 update pushed out from the carrier making the device ready for Skype.

Keep an eye out for your 10.1 update and download Skype from BlackBerry World.

The BlackBerry Q5 Officially Announced at BlackBerry Live 2013


The BlackBerry Q5 has just been announced at BlackBerry Live 2013 and it’s billed as a device for emerging markets. Essentially, the Q5 is to the Q10 in the same way that the Curve is to the Bold. It comes in a variety of colors including BlackBerry, White, Pink and Red. Stay tuned for more updates from BlackBerry Live.

We’ve also heard that BlackBerry Q10 will be available in early June in the US and BlackBerry 10.1 available for Z10 users by the end of the week.