The Voltmaker: A Smart Charger for a Smartphone World


Since phones started getting more powerful their increased thirst for battery power has created an industry of alternative chargers. This kinetic changing solution by Voltmaker proves that there are products being conceived that are elegant enough to find in someone’s handbag and essential enough to need to take travelling.


The Voltmaker is a portable charging solution for your smartphone, iPhone, camera, or any other low voltage 5-volt USB device. It generates power through kinetic energy with a simple twirl of the wrist or by plugging it in to a wall or computer. This means that you can plug it in at home, and then carry it out with you as a portable charging pack. Once it no linger carries a charge, its designed to be spun in your hand while its arm cranks around and around, generating free energy to be used to charge your devices.

Part of Voltmaker’s competitive advantage is the efficiency of the kinetic charger. First it can be operated in a fairly casual way using just one hand, a step up from the crank chargers that need the full coordination of two hands. The Voltmaker’s unique charging mechanism allows the tethered weight to build up momentum giving you a much better charge rate than unforgiving hand cranked units, thanks to it’s unique twirling motion and Microcontroller.

The Microcontroller serves two major functions. First, it helps maximize the amount of energy you get out of each rotation depending on the velocity. For example, on a regular charger if you spin the crank at 1x speed you will get 1x charge. If you spin at 2x speed you will get 2x charge. The Microcontroller can interpret the increase in velocity and, for example, if you put in 2x speed you might get 3x charge output (not the actual ratio). Essentially you can get more charge with less effort.

Second, the Microcontroller has the ability to “speak” to other devices. For example, if the Voltmaker is plugged to a computer to be home charged, the Voltmaker will tell the computer to have more power and be charged five times faster. If the Microcontroller recognizes a device that is plugged into the Voltmaker a smartphone for instance, it can give it information like remaining energy on the Voltmaker, how fast you are spinning, or how much power you are generating. The Microcontroller is one of the smartest features of the Voltmaker because of the multiple ways it helps charge your devices faster and manage your energy intelligently.

At the core of the Voltmaker unit is a 2,000 mAh Lithium battery that has the ability to take on a charge five times faster than a traditional portable charging pack thanks to the Microcontroller. The LED display tells you exactly how much charge is left. These features, combined with those provided by the Microcontroller, are what really separate the Voltmaker from its competition.

The Voltmaker is currently raising funds via crowd sourcing at indiegogo. You can preorder it now for $69 USD.

  • Roger valentine

    The video is hilarious ! Very uncomon for this kind of product on a crowd funding website… Worth watching !

  • Kyle McInnes

    It sort of reminds me of the Shake Weight.