The Predicktor Shows Apple’s Prudeness and Scores One for BlackBerry


The Predicktor is a great app. It combines humour and education to bring to light a sensitive subject in sex education that is important to at least 50% of the population: penis size. The app takes a variety of data including height and shoe size, and combines data from medical journals, to provide a prediction about a man’s penis size. The idea is part novelty (how accurate is it?), part humour (it’s funny to predict penis size), part game (girls can do it for fun) and part education (people should know penis size doesn’t deviate much within groups of the same diet and genetics). The app’s developer recently wrote me to say that the app was denied by Apple for being too graphic (bear in mind that there are no pornographic images), but it has been approved on BlackBerry World and is available for BlackBerry 10 users.

It’s an interesting discussion about the sensitivities of the various App Stores. Google doesn’t seem to really care what apps go on their store, Apple is incredibly strict, and BlackBerry seems to be somewhere in the middle. Considering how much malware is distributed on Android, and the constant complaining by developers about Apple’s guidelines, perhaps BlackBerry is in the perfect sweet spot.

Check out the Predicktor app for BlackBerry 10 in BlackBerry World at this link.