Facebook for BlackBerry 10 Updated With Enhanced Page Admin and More


It should be interesting to see how facebook for BlackBerry 10 evolves given that for legacy devices, the app tended to fall a little short of its iOS counterparts. The current facebook for BlackBerry 10 has been updated, and it seems to be keeping pace relatively nicely with the other platforms. It’s also interesting that the facebook app is still maintained by Research in Motion on BlackBerry World as one would like to see facebook the company actually updating it.

Facebook for BlackBerry 10 smartphones version 10.2.1 includes:

  • Facebook Chat – Stay up-to-date with your friends using Facebook Chat! See which of your friends are online, start a chat message, send photos in chat messages, and see when your messages are delivered and read. You can also see when a friend is typing a message, search within your chat list to find friends and groups, as well as edit your list of favorite chat friends.
  • Facebook Messages - Message details now show when a message is sent.
  • Quicker Scrolling in Newsfeed - While in newsfeed, click on the sidebar to scroll to the top of the newsfeed.
  • Enhanced Photo Experience – Facebook 10.2.1 provides a new easier way of setting your Profile and Cover Photos. Set your Facebook profile photo or cover photo right from the Camera app, or from within a Facebook photo album.
  • Enhanced Page Admin Functions – Page Admin has a new look and feel. As Page Admin, you can post updates, see the number of people talking about a page, view the number of likes a page has as well as see how many people checked in at a venue page.
  • A Refreshed Look and Feel to your Pages – Facebook 10.2.1 offers an updated look and feel to your Pages to make navigation and communicating with your social network even easier. You’ll now be able to see how many of your friends have liked a page and how many people in total have liked a page.

Download it now on BlackBerry World at this link.