Former BlackBerry/RIM Employees Speak Out


The CBC spoke with Douglas Soltys, who you probably remember being the Editor in Chief of BlackBerryCool, who then moved to BlackBerry to work on the blog/social media team. Douglas spoke with the CBC about why he transitioned to BlackBerry and ultimately why he left. It’s an interesting story that isn’t necessarily about BlackBerry, but just a solid anecdote about what it’s like working in the mobile industry. After getting experience with a large organization, many people feel the need to move to smaller, more agile startups to get their hands dirty. Listen to the interview after the break.

Listen to the full interview at this link.

“Matt Galloway spoke about BlackBerry, with Douglas Soltys. He worked for the company from 2009-2011, and is currently the products and communication manager at a local start-up called Vouchr.”

It also looks like the CBC is looking for more former employees to speak with.