Rubicon’s Cross-Platform Combat Monsters Coming to BlackBerry 10


With more game development environments supporting cross-platform development, companies such as BlackBerry are going to see an increase in titles that release alongside their competition. Perhaps we’re coming up to a golden era in mobile games where it won’t matter what platform you choose because they’ll all have the same games. Now, if only the same were true for startups and apps, manufacturers could focus on differentiating from a core-level. Rubicon, a mobile development shop, has announced that in Q3 of 2013, they’ll be unveiling their game Combat Monsters and it looks really sweet. Check it out after the break.

Features include:

  • Play anywhere: Cross-platform play with shared accounts allows for true roaming
  • Eliminate the competition . . . in 3D: We don’t skimp on dimensions, no sir!
  • We have a board: On which your warriors and monsters may move about!
  • Flexible multiplayer: “Daily asynchronous” and live online play for up to six players; private or public with matchmaking to prevent unbalanced battles.
  • Affordable decks and expansions: Free or almost free—because it’s not 1986 (or even 2006)!
  • The taste of things to come is . . . sweet: Ambitious future roadmap with trading, sit-and-go constructed and sealed deck tournaments, new races and cards . . . and more!
  • Monsters for all tastes: 132 unique monsters across 11 races with 50+ unique activated abilities
  • Weaponized weapons of war: 70 unique weapons to shred the enemy to pieces
  • Armor that keeps you alive longer: 28 sets of armor—and 28 opportunities to survive certain death
  • Spellcast like 1969: 42 spells to tilt the battle in your favor
  • Celtic cheerleaders: 22 to choose from (runes, that is)!
  • Platform agnostic: PC, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10

Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when the game launches.