Do You Still Want To Read About Legacy BlackBerry News?


Just recently, we got a note from BlackBerry that Facebook v4.1 had just been released for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5 to 7.1. All I could think about when reading it was “SO?!”. As someone who writes about BlackBerry on a daily basis, it’s very difficult to care about legacy devices. Sure, there’s still 80 million or so legacy users worldwide, and I’m sure they’re looking for info as well, but I don’t see this website being the source for that. It’s way more fun to talk about where BlackBerry is going and the new products coming to the platform. It’s soul-wrenching to discuss an outdated platform that clearly has an end of life coming up.

Readers - are you still interested in reading about legacy BlackBerrys? Personally, I think onwards and upwards without looking back is the way to go.

  • dts3204

    Of course I am interested in legacy devices. I am using a Storm 2 and a Playbook. I will use them until they die or Blackberry retrofit Bridge on the new devices. If something does the job well why throw it out?

  • OAM

    Yes, of course.
    BB 10 is the future, i know. But all the users with legacy devices want some info/news too.

  • Kot Behemot

    Yes but the headline should have BB10/BB OS icon or something so I can see that I can ignore legacy news without opening the article.

  • bblegacyuser

    If you want your hit count to your website to go down then continue that strategy. You said it yourself “80 million legacy users”. I thought sites like these were for all Blackberry users not just those privy enough to afford new BB10 devices. Does not look like this site even competes with Crackberry or even BlackberryOS anyway. Bookmark deleted….

  • emacberry

    IMHO legacy is mandatory (simply by looking at the number of devices that are on the market)

  • Kyle McInnes

    Those are both great sites. Not sure I even want to compete. I’d like to provide something different.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Good point.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Well, the Storm2 launched 4 years ago. Do they even still have OS updates for that device?

  • David Larson

    What about us with Sprint? They don’t even have any 10 devices yet. So when I see anything about 10 I just go right past it.

  • dts3204

    Nope but it works and what more can you ask.

  • fredc2

    US Cellular does not support BB 10. I would love to have 10, but 7.1 is better than no BlackBerry at all. I also have 2 Playbooks where I use Bridge and tether. I am very interested in “Legacy” information