TacoQuest is DinDin Kitchen Inc’s Foray Into A Micro-Search Platform


Three BlackBerry employees: Alex Kinsella, Derek Alldritt and Chad Tetreault have launched an app called TacoQuest and a startup called DinDin Kitchen. According to LinkedIn, DinDin Kitchen “specializes in brining innovative apps to mobile platforms.” The first app, TacoQuest, is an interesting concept that, powered by foursquare, aims to be a “micro-search platform”.

The database DinDin is creating seems like a great idea and if they can be their own bitch and not foursquare’s bitch, the startup could be on to something. By taking the taco locations, reviews and user profiles, the platform could benefit from a structure that could easily extend into other areas such as SteakQuest, CocktailQuest and all things foodie. It could go even further but that’s up to the startup founders who likely have a bigger vision.

Check out TacoQuest by DinDin Kitchen in BlackBerry World at this link.