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Piper is a Home Automation and Security Product Coming to Smarpthones and Tablets


Piper is a new home automation and security product by Blacksumac that is currently seeking crowdfunding to get the first units off the ground. Piper is the first security and automation device to combine HD panoramic video, Z-Wave home automation, and environmental sensors into a single product that you interact with on your smartphone or tablet. While it doesn’t currently support BlackBerry, they are looking at a web app that will be accessible from your device and if you have an iPad with your BlackBerry, you’ll be able to use the product to its full potential.

Check out Piper on Indiegogo at this link.

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Do You Still Want To Read About Legacy BlackBerry News?


Just recently, we got a note from BlackBerry that Facebook v4.1 had just been released for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5 to 7.1. All I could think about when reading it was “SO?!”. As someone who writes about BlackBerry on a daily basis, it’s very difficult to care about legacy devices. Sure, there’s still 80 million or so legacy users worldwide, and I’m sure they’re looking for info as well, but I don’t see this website being the source for that. It’s way more fun to talk about where BlackBerry is going and the new products coming to the platform. It’s soul-wrenching to discuss an outdated platform that clearly has an end of life coming up.

Readers – are you still interested in reading about legacy BlackBerrys? Personally, I think onwards and upwards without looking back is the way to go.

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BlackBerry Game Developers: Check Out Photon Server By Exit Games


BlackBerry acquired ScoreLoop some time ago and it seemed like it was going to be a great tool for cross-platform multiplayer gaming. We haven’t heard much from ScoreLoop since the launch of the ScoreLoop SDK 1.0 which launched about a year and a half ago. There have been some minor updates but it seems to be pretty lacking, especially in terms of dealing with multiplayer gaming. BlackBerry game developers should therefore take a look at Photon Server by Exit Games. It’s a really robust platform, albeit not cheap, that should give you the necessary tools to run a scalable multiplayer game on BlackBerry and any other platform you choose.
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Rubicon’s Cross-Platform Combat Monsters Coming to BlackBerry 10


With more game development environments supporting cross-platform development, companies such as BlackBerry are going to see an increase in titles that release alongside their competition. Perhaps we’re coming up to a golden era in mobile games where it won’t matter what platform you choose because they’ll all have the same games. Now, if only the same were true for startups and apps, manufacturers could focus on differentiating from a core-level. Rubicon, a mobile development shop, has announced that in Q3 of 2013, they’ll be unveiling their game Combat Monsters and it looks really sweet. Check it out after the break.
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The BlackBerry Q5 in Canada Will Cost $50 Across All Carriers


The BlackBerry Q5 is coming in at a very reasonable price at $50 across all carriers in Canada. Considering you get the latest OS, a solid keyboard and all the cost savings of the new BBM, it looks like a very solid offering. Official pricing listed after the break.
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CBC Talks BlackBerry Going Private and It’s Negative as Usual


The CBC had a segment on BlackBerry going private and it’s very negative as usual. The entire video is filled with sound bites about the company going under and clips such as B-Roll footage of people walking out of an empty room with a BlackBerry exec left by himself. The video looks like it was produced by some state propaganda department and doesn’t have much in the way of balanced coverage. Here’s a theory: the CBC doesn’t have the capability of having a balanced viewpoint because nobody there fully understands the industry. Government subsidies have turned its employees into a bureaucrats who are more concerned with politics and pensions than hustling to get a news scoop. Anyways, check out our buddy Simon Sage, former editor of BlackBerryCool and now Mobile Nations editor talk to them about the potential sale.
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