Inside Apps Notifier: The Easiest Way To Monitor the App Store



Apps Notifier is an iOS tool that helps you track apps, vendors and keywords in the App Store. For consumers, this means that you can track your favorite apps for price drops, look for sales, and get notified when your favorite devs launch a new app. For developers and marketers this means you can keep track of the competition. Lawyers can even watch the App Store for trademark infringement.

Check out this article to see what Apps Notifier can do.

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  • innovatology

    I wrote a similar app, years ago, which did quite well. But Apple’s lawyers threatened with a law-suite :-(

  • innovatology

    BTW: what’s this doing in a BlackBerry blog?

  • JoJo11

    I sent BBCool a tip. It said they were hacked and somebody posted an iOS article. I don’t think anybody is there to read it.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Because I do a lot more than just BlackBerry and it’s a company I’m involved with. Also, there’s a lot of BlackBerry users with iPads/iPods so not too unrelated.

  • Kyle McInnes

    I’m reading these comments singing “It’s my blog and I’ll blog what I want to, blog what I want to, blog what I want to. You would blog too, if you had a blog too.”

  • jojo11

    Sorry dude, but there is just no way to spin this. Your blog is called “BlackBerry Cool” Sure, you can blog anything you want, but it doesn’t make it any less strange, or help your credibility with BlackBerry users, when you start covering iOS.

    Bookmark deleted.

  • Kyle McInnes

    It’s a blog, get over it.