Announcing the BlackBerry Z30: The Top of the Line All-Touch BlackBerry


BlackBerry has announced the all-new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone. The flagship device breaks a lot of company records such as largest screen, biggest built-in battery, fastest processor and latest OS.

The new hardware seems to be geared towards giving the best experience possible. I know from using the Z10 since launch that a lot of these improvement are already boosts in categories that the Z10 already performs well on.

The Z30 is a big leap away from the Z10′s hardware. With a built-in battery that’s a third bigger, a much bigger and brighter 5 inch Super AMOLED Display that sips power, stereo speakers with Natural Sound technology and early BlackBerry 10.2 operating system.

The BlackBerry Z30 will roll out gradually next week beginning in the UK and Middles East markets. All the other regions should have the Z30 stocked in time for the holidays. Also, BlackBerry 10.2 is coming to all BlackBerry 10 users sometime mid-October.

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