Productivity Tool Viira Goes Version 5.2 for BlackBerry 10


One of the more interesting questions around BlackBerry 10 apps was the question of how many legacy BlackBerry developers would make the journey to BlackBerry 10. Viira is one of most popular productivity apps for legacy devices and the developer has taken the app to BlackBerry 10 with version 5.2. There are tons of features that allow you to set tasks and generally Get Things Done.

According to the developer: “Viira is a powerful and easy-to-use personal organization app designed with the busy professional in mind and built specifically for Getting Things Done (GTD). Viira is a native Cascades app that has earned the Built For BlackBerry certification and is available for all BlackBerry 10 models including the Q5.”

Here is the full list of what is new in version 5.2:

Email Tasks - You can now stay on top of your communications and organize your email by adding an email to any task in Viira. You can then organize your email task and file it in a project, context, day, flag it as a next action or even add a reminder to it.
Hide Completed - A productivity booster, hiding completed tasks makes it easy to focus on what remains to be done. The “Hide Completed” menu option is available in all major Viira views.
Backup/Restore - You can now backup your Viira data to a file on your SD card or Dropbox folder for an extra peace of mind. Backing up to Dropbox will automatically save your Viira backup file to the cloud and replicate it to your other computers and devices on which you have set up Dropbox.
In-Basket Reordering - The “Reorder Tasks” panel is now available in the Viira In-Basket as well, enabling you to prioritize your incoming and unassigned tasks.

Viira comes with a free trial that can be downloaded from BlackBerry World at this link.

Check out Karta Mobile’s blog for more technical info about this release.