BlackBerry Wins “Most Usable Mobile Platform on the Market” Debate



Okay, BlackBerry didn’t really win. I just took the credit for all their hard work and won a local debate. The crowd voted by applause at CapCHI Ottawa recently, in a debate about the most usable OS. The debate statement, “Be it Resolved That [My Chosen Mobile Platform] is the Most Usable Mobile Platform on the Market” was presented with 4 local debaters all representing their respective OS. Here is the presentation slide by slide that won the debate for BlackBerry.

Be it Resolved That BlackBerry is the Most Usable Mobile Platform on the Market

There are 10 key strengths that set BlackBerry 10 apart from the competition.

1. BlackBerry Hub
2. Fuck the Back Button
3. Swipe Text
5. Mi Cable Es Su Cable
6. Android apps
7. BlackBerry Balance
8. Military grade security
9. Money, money, money!
10. Mobile Fusion

BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry 10′s take on unified messaging is unique and makes a lot of sense. Having everything in one spot is more efficient, and BlackBerry’s latest update, Priority Hub, takes efficient messaging to new heights.

Back Button Blows

Android, iOS and Windows Phone are all back-button-obsessed. BB10′s gesture based controls and back button are again, unique and visionary.

Swipe Text

BlackBerry is known for its messaging system and the company created a unique take on touchscreen typing with swipe words.


The BlackBerry keyboard is bar-none the best typing experience on the planet.

Standardized Cables

BlackBerry understands the benefits of standard cables such as HDMI and Micro-USB.

Android Player

BlackBerry can run Android apps and it’s getting better with every OS update.

BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry Balance is the most innovative tool in enterprise to deal with BYOD, a major concern of IT admins everywhere.


FIPS 140 certification and NATO approved, makes BlackBerry a unique provider to government and enterprise.

Developers Earn More

BlackBerry developers earn more money, and the best User Experience is having more moolah.

Mobile Device Management

BlackBerry Fusion extends BlackBerry’s warm security blanket around iOS and Android, making important data more secure.



While the iPhone did incredible things for the mobile ecosystem, it seems to have taken a back seat lately in terms of innovation. While BlackBerry is pushing boundaries when it comes to automotive and enterprise, Apple continues to release the same product over and over again. Yes, millions use the device, and that’s amazing, but don’t let the “ad populum” argument convince you that it’s innovating.


Android is trying to be everything to everyone, and in doing so has sacrificed what’s called Cognitive Load. Cognitive Load is the amount of brain power it takes to learn the basics of an operating system. With Android’s apps, widgets, 2 app stores and insane amount of customization, there is a huge learning curve with the device and it’s not practical.

Windows Phone

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Windows Phone which has no customization whatsoever. I’m not even sure you can change the wallpaper. Also, the tile system has very little differentiation, making your phone almost exactly like any other Windows Phone.

Closing Remarks

So if you’re going to vote on the most usable mobile platform, vote for the platform that chooses security over malware, gestures over archaic buttons, standards versus proprietary, productivity over pizazz, and you’ll reach the natural conclusion that BlackBerry is the platform you want.

BlackBerry Is the Best Mobile OS from Kyle McInnes

  • Gwalachmai

    “The BlackBerry keyboard is bar-none the best typing experience on the planet”
    No. The best MOBILE typing experience on the planet, probably.