EOS Remote Control for JRiver Media Center App for BlackBerry 10


Eos is a remote control application for the JRiver Media Center, allowing you to control your media center from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. This app is made by one of the guys on the BlackBerry World team, so you can rest assured it deserves the Built for BlackBerry certification. Check out the features after the jump.

Features include:

  • Control the volume and playback of any of your Zones
  • Device playback - stream content directly to your BlackBerry
  • Rate your media from the Playing Now page
  • Shuffle/Repeat modes for both remote and on-device playback
  • Theater View remote - provides standard Up/Down/Left/Right/Enter functions, as well as “To Top”, “Page Up”, “Page Down”, and “To Bottom” list navigation helpers
    Add servers by using Access Keys or by entering server information manually
    Store multiple servers, and easily switch between them *Wake-On-LAN and Power Off your servers
  • On-device filtering while browsing your media
  • Search functionality
  • Toggle display modes
  • Smart requesting - infrequent requests to your library server while idle so it won’t drain your battery!

Check out eos for the JRiver Media Center at this link.

More info about the JRiver Media Center at this link.