10 Ways to Use Wolfram Alpha Voice Control With BlackBerry 10



Recently, BlackBerry and Wolfram Alpha partnered to make the BlackBerry Voice Control app more useful. In the press release, BlackBerry said that Wolfram Alpha could help users with queries such as “what’s 18% of $43.00?”. This is basically impossible to do because the voice control can never properly recognize numbers. For example, if you say “what is 18 percent of 500″, you’ll get something like “8 teens percent of 5 hundred” and it won’t know what you’re talking about. After realizing this, we wanted to see what was possible with Wolfram Alpha on BlackBerry 10. There’s actually a lot it can do to make life easier, but we’re going to say that mathematical queries is not one of them.

1. Military Stats


2. Demographic Data


3. Stock Quotes (very difficult to use)


4. Music Info


5. Company Info


6. Weather Queries


7. Historic Info


8. Holiday Info


9. Astronomical Data


10. Science



The power of Wolfram Alpha is in it’s ability to do interesting computations such as “the number of prime numbers between 1 and 1,000,000″. This does not really exist on BlackBerry as the Voice Control app doesn’t understand numbers. Actually, it doesn’t understand most commands and simply asks you if you want to search the Internet. It also doesn’t understand the phrase that was in the press release. We asked what 10% of 500 was and it asked if we want to search the internet.

What Wolfram Alpha does really well, is provide a quick link into Wikipedia. Ask yourself “could this info be on Wikipedia?” and if so, your Voice Control app will give you quick access to it.

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  • Gwalachmai

    “What’s eighteen percent of fourty-three dollars” worked perfectly for me. “The answer is about seven seventy-four Canadian dollars” and it tells me I could do it with a $5 note, a toonie, 50c and 25c (hang on, we have 50c coins?)