Rogers Bringing NFC SureTap MobileWallet to Canada In “Coming Weeks”


The mobile wallet is one of the most promising features of smartphones. You might lose your wallet or credit card a couple times per year, but you’re much less likely to lose your phone. The fact that you look at your phone around 150 times per day, and your phone comes with software to help you recover your phone, means it’s much more secure to have your wallet in your smartphone than in your pocket. In the coming weeks, Rogers will bring the NFC enabled suretap wallet to BlackBerry and Android.

Mobile viewing link.

The suretap wallet will deliver a mobile payment solution, as well as additional features such as:

  • Gifting of gift cards
  • Reloading of prepaid cards
  • The ability to check account balances
  • View recent transactions
  • Use location services to find contactless payment terminals nearby
  • In the near future, additional cards will become available for download including payment cards from multiple banks and payment networks and loyalty cards.

Suretap wallet will be available for download in the coming weeks on select Android and BlackBerry devices.

To learn more about the suretap services, compatible devices and to order a suretap-ready SIM Card, visit