The Market Share Race is On! BBM vs Snapchat vs WhatsApp vs Kik vs Viber



Here is my prediction for BlackBerry in the next 2 years: BlackBerry will go 100% enterprise and BBM will split off as a separate company with a valuation that rivals Snapchat. Anyone who is currently at BlackBerry is right now positioning themselves to either join the enterprise team and build a smartphone for Fortune 1000, or realize their passion is in consumer and join the BBM team.

Distimo recently put out some estimates of downloads and in terms of market share, BBM is doing impressively well. The market share looks to be greater than Snapchat and giving Whatsapp a run for its money. Now, in terms of valuation, you obviously have to consider demographics and the type of messaging service. For example, Snapchat is worth $3 billion because it is entirely pictures and disrupts a significant portion of Facebook’s business. BBM may or may not have the metrics to rival Snapchat and drive valuation in the same way, but in pure downloads it is definitely a worthy opponent.

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  • charlie2010

    Impressive start. Channels only just came out and they will soon release voice/video, it keeps getting better and better. How they pulled this off without those key features fully rolled out is truly amazing…..I can hear the clicks on the programmers keyboards at WhatsApp now trying to catch up before they are left way behind, what a difference a year can make.

  • Pjews

    When will voice/video come out for down load?

  • MC Wong

    Blackberry is always slower than the competition. Always 2 steps behind. Wechat, kakaotalk, Line and of course whatsapp has made tremendous improvements and market share the past year.

  • Alicia

    Blackberry came a little to late to this ball game. They should have joined the race earlier when they were urged to go multiplatform. Instead they chose the keep bbm as a blackberry-only service to try and keep their heads above the water. Little did that work out for them. Now that they have joined the android and iphone markets, they have multiple competition to get around which will be difficult as Kik, whatsapp, and kakao messenger have always been extremely popular and still remains to this day.

    The only features that blackberry really brings to the table is their secure encryption, which all have failed to hack (not sure about an article I read the other day where the NSA was able to finally break it). Not to say that other messengers do not have their faults; kik is overrun with pervs, with whatsapp a telephone number is your id (limiting your options of who you want to message you) and kakao talk, well I’m not too sure about that because I have never really used it.

    No, I am not a bbm basher, I think it has potential and its security is very important when you have the NSA tapping into your private information all over the place, but again–it came a little too late.

    Comparing both kik and bbm i use kik more for its fluidity and lightening fast speed. I try to use bbm but it is difficult getting friends to transfer over, the interface is clunky and definitely could be better, and it still has many issues with sending and receiving media content and messages. Sometimes messages never even get delivered or are received.

    That being said, I believe in bbm. I’m just not too sure if it can succeed on android and iphone markets unless they bring something better to the table.