The thingCharger Is a Better Way to Charge Your Devices (PlayBook, BlackBerry and More)


The thingCharger is a crowdfunding campaign that has been funded over 100x its original asking price. The device works by being plugged into the wall socket and it’s made to look exactly like the original plug, except this one has USB ports and a charging dock on top. It’s a pretty great idea but it also has a couple flaws.

First, the device seems a little bulky. When you plug a boxy device into the wall, it becomes something you now have to deal with when moving furniture or walking past it. Also, outlets tend to be in places where you wouldn’t necessarily want to rest your device, such as near the floor. The other downside is not being able to interact with the device while it’s plugged in. That’s typically why cables are preferred.

If your outlets are in a nice spot near your couch or bed, and you would like to charge your devices right where they’re plugged in, the thingCHARGER could be for you.

Check out the thingCHARGER campaign on Indiegogo at this link.

  • Caspan

    I just supported them…. $89 hopefully I get my 5. I can’t have thrown my money fast enough at them :) also very important “MADE IN NORTH AMERICA” Support local trade!!!!