SignEasy Premium: The Best BlackBerry 10 App Purchase You Will Ever Make


If you find yourself signing PDFs and documents, SignEasy Premium is a must-have app for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. SignEasy has a free version, and the paid version costs $20. When compared to the cost of most apps, $20 may seem like a lot but it’s actually very cheap when you consider your time. The amount of time that SignEasy saves the average person means this app is bringing you hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in saved time.

Consider how to sign a PDF without SignEasy:

1. Receive document
2. Find printer (this could take hours if you’re out of the office)
3. Print document
4. Sign document
5. Find scanner (maybe your printer doesn’t scan. Now you have to find a scanner and again, it could take hours)
6. Scan document and send to client or your own email which you then have to forward

This whole process could take you an entire day. It’s incredibly frustrating. Now, with SignEasy, consider the following:

1. Receive document
2. Sign and send back to client with SignEasy app

If you sign documents at your work, the above reason is why SignEasy is the best app purchase you will ever make. The only major downside to this app is that it’s an Android port and this sometimes causes bugs. The upside is that your changes are saved and it’s easy to revert to the same document and continue your work.

Download SignEasy Premium at this link.

Download SignEasy Free at this link.

  • Zacamandapio

    I thought it was a singing app. Based on the title.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Point taken. But you can sign record deals with the app if you’re singing is really great.