The LinkedIn Eye Test: Is LinkedIn Becoming Like Facebook?


LinkedIn Eye Test

This is just a random thought, but has your LinkedIn stream started to look increasingly like Facebook? It seems that as the social network becomes more mainstream, more people are posting pictures, personal status updates and sometimes straight up spam. Take for example the above Eye Test that has been circulating LinkedIn. It has about 1,200 Likes and 15,000 comments. Do people actually think this has some meaning with regards to your career? As though seeing the word “TEAM” means you’re good at working in teams or something. It will be interesting to see if LinkedIn starts to crack down on this stuff or it’s just inevitable when a social network gets to a certain size. God help us if Quiz apps and Celeb Trivia ever comes to LinkedIn.

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  • Diego Nei, MBA, PMP®

    I get more brain teases than I can handle that’s for sure, but it is far from the mess Facebook is.

    Let’s hope it stays this way. :/

  • Eric at Ebscer

    I now want to create my own eye test with a different word in the upper left corner…