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SignEasy Premium: The Best BlackBerry 10 App Purchase You Will Ever Make


If you find yourself signing PDFs and documents, SignEasy Premium is a must-have app for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. SignEasy has a free version, and the paid version costs $20. When compared to the cost of most apps, $20 may seem like a lot but it’s actually very cheap when you consider your time. The amount of time that SignEasy saves the average person means this app is bringing you hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in saved time.
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Recover Lost Data With Wondershare’s Dr. Fone Data Recovery Software for Android



We have all lost important data at some point or another. With Wondershare’s Dr. Fone Data Recovery software for Android, you can recovery deleted messages, contacts, photos and more from the SD Card on your Android device. Now, when you have lost important family pictures because they were accidentally deleted, use this software to recover those files from the SD Card, and save them to a backup source so you never have the problem again. Also, with constant advancements being made in making the Android OS more compatible with BlackBerry 10, it’s highly possible this software will make its way to BlackBerry.

More information available at the Wondershare site.

The thingCharger Is a Better Way to Charge Your Devices (PlayBook, BlackBerry and More)


The thingCharger is a crowdfunding campaign that has been funded over 100x its original asking price. The device works by being plugged into the wall socket and it’s made to look exactly like the original plug, except this one has USB ports and a charging dock on top. It’s a pretty great idea but it also has a couple flaws.
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Montreal-Based Double Stallion and Execution Labs Launches Big Action Mega Fight!


Looking for a fun, free game to play on iOS? Check out Big Action Mega Fight!, a new title by Montreal-based Double Stallion and game dev incubator Execution Labs. BAMF! reminds us of the good old days and strikes that nostalgic heart string.
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How The Ottawa Hospital Deployed 4,000 iPads And Became A World Leader in Mobility


Recently, CapCHI, an Ottawa-based technology meetup group, hosted a lecture at Algonquin College with Dr. Glen Geiger on Workflow Efficiency at The Ottawa Hospital. The event was during World Usability Day 2013, and featured a fascinating lecture on how the Ottawa Hospital deployed a major iPad pilot program and became a world leader in mobility.

First and foremost, some people may be wondering, why would the Ottawa Hospital need a mobility solution? The hospital environment has nursing stations, computers on wheels, embedded computers everywhere and thousands of computers throughout the hospital campus. So why would a hospital need a mobility solution? The entire pilot program of giving nurses iPads seems like giving them “toys”, and this is how it was perceived by almost every other hospital around the world.

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BBM Being Used for Customer Service in the Middle East


It’s pretty widely understood that BBM is being used all over Asia in some pretty interesting ways. The messaging app is still incredibly popular in East Asia as well as South-East Asia. Recently, @shahriyarali tweeted a photo of a customer service BBM pin, and the timing is very interesting. With BBM Channels being released, stories like this are one reason brands and businesses are going to start adopting BBM as a tool for engaging with customers. This could be a sign of things to come.