What’s Going On With ScoreLoop at BlackBerry?



Here’s a simple feature suggestion for ScoreLoop: why don’t you just read whether someone is viewing a link from their mobile or desktop, and display the appropriate app store? When you get a ScoreLoop email and you click the link from your desktop, the ScoreLoop page says:

“This operation requires a BlackBerry 10 device
Please open the mail on your BlackBerry 10 device and click the link again.”

It’s a small feature but the fact that something like this goes unaddressed, really makes you wonder about the acquisition of ScoreLoop. We haven’t seen much from the company since the acquisition, at least from a consumer-facing perspective. For example, we have the BlackBerry Game app (the Game Center equivalent), but it does’t seem to do much other than provide a small feed of gaming activity. Also, it doesn’t look like implementing ScoreLoop on BlackBerry is a huge success with developers either, as none of the top games make any mention of integration.

This isn’t meant as a dig to ScoreLoop, they’ve done an amazing job of building and exiting a startup. It’s more of a general commentary on what happens to startups when they get acquired. There’s always huge plans for a startup when it’s integrated with a larger company, but it never really seems to pan out.

Case in point: where’s my Tungle meeting scheduling gone?

Perhaps now is the best time to revisit Tungle and BlackBerry as they have the meeting scheduling technology and the focus seems to be less games and more enterprise.

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