PhoneGap Bootcamp Is 2 Days of Converting Mobile Apps To Web



PhoneGap Bootcamp is a project by Demian Borba (and I’m sure other collaborators) who is a Developer Envangelist at BlackBerry. PhoneGap Bootcamp is 2 days of intense training converting mobile apps using Cordova for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10, focusing on single page apps and performance. It sounds like an awesome event and if you want it in your area, you can apply on their site.

Here’s the short about PhoneGap: the performance is adequate for most apps, but the integration needs to be tighter and the performance isn’t good enough for games. In the end, the web will win because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build a business with manufacturers taking a 30% cut from your app revenues. That’s the TL;DR of it all.

Check out the snazzy website from your mobile device. It’s very pretty.