Classic BlackBerry App GPSLogger II Now Available On BlackBerry 10 Via Android



Matthias Marquardt of the famed Emacberry has released a classic BlackBerry app, GPSLogger II, for BlackBerry 10 by first porting it to Android. It’s great to see the Android app play work out as some developers from the legacy OS would otherwise have been left out.

GPSLogger II is a straightforward app that tracks your physical movement over time. The app records information including your location, elevation and speed, as well as some other data. GPSLogger II is great because it’s vague enough that it can serve a myriad of purposes. If you’re an avid skier, athlete or someone into the Quantified Self, you’re bound to appreciate the simplicity and data that the app provides.

Download GPSLogger II for your BlackBerry 10 device at this link.