Author: Jeff Bacon

BlackBerry App World Generates Highest Revenue Per App


IHS table

There’s been a lot of buzz recently over the IHS Screen Digest Table: Global Mobile Applications Store Ranking in 2010 and 2009. Though I’m sure you’ve seen it in many articles, I’ve included here for reference.

Most of the buzz related to this chart has revolved around people saying either Apple still dominates, Android has a weaker showing than expected, or look at how much growth Android has had. Very little has been written about the REAL story that chart is showing: BlackBerry App World generates a higher revenue per app than any other store — by a wide margin. Guess you better drop all your iPhone devs and get working on BlackBerry projects right?Well, maybe, but drastic action to statistics is usually a bad idea. Let’s take a closer look at these numbers and I will make the case that BlackBerry gets hosed by the media in terms of coverage (at least positive coverage) for App World and that, while a drop-everything-for-BlackBerry approach is probably not warranted, if you’re still not considering BlackBerry for app development you are seriously hindering your revenue potential for your product.

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The Story of Possibly the First Branded BlackBerry Game


Frogger BannerFrogger was the very first game Magmic ported to BlackBerry that was not originally designed and developed by Magmic. It was also the first one I did and it may have been the first branded J2ME game ported to BlackBerry. It was interesting from a number of aspects, which I’ll delve into, but it was a personal success for me as I managed to port the entire game in less than a week (granted, many, many hours over-and-above regular working hours that week); which seems more impressive now after I’ve seen so many porting efforts and how long they can take.
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