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Free Twitter app Seesmic uses yfrog for pics

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Seesmic is a free Twitter app that is like UberTwitter but without the ads. The service has been around for a little while now and they recently announced their partnership with yfrog to offer pics.

One of the upsides of the app is that it offers one click URL shortening, but as a downside, it does not offer Tweetvid functionality. If you’re a big yfrog user this could be for you.

UPDATE: Sorry about that, you can change the media provider to use Twitpic in the settings.

Just go to from your BlackBerry to Download the app.

GIVEAWAY: TeleNav GPS Navigator on the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700

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It’s great when companies take the time to make their software available for the latest and greatest BlackBerry devices and TeleNav have done just that. The above video shows TeleNav GPS Navigator on the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 as well as some thoughts about the device.

Check out the video and if you have a 9700, this app is a must-have. Good job on the video too TeleNav, really high production quality.

We’re also giving away 3, 1 year subscriptions to TeleNav GPS Navigator. Just comment what you think of the Bold 9700 and we’ll select 3.

UPDATE: Thanks for participating everyone. The winners will be contacted shortly.

Sensobi launch new version of their free beta app

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Sensobi is a cool free app that lets you know who is falling off your radar. Before calling a contact, Sensobi will let you know when you last spoke and what it was about. The latest release of Sensobi, version 1.5.494, features real-time notifications, as well as a face-lift on their UI.

You can sign up for the free beta from their site, or grab it OTA from

Get BlackBerry notifications to your PC with Blurt

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A new app circulating the blogosphere, Blurts, gives you important notifications from your BlackBerry, to your PC. Whenever you get a call, email, or SMS notification, you see it on your desktop, which stops you from having to reach in your pocket and check your BlackBerry.

Blurts Pro Features:

  • Display Caller ID Alert
  • Display Email Alerts for all email accounts
  • Bluetooth auto connect
  • Display SMS/Text Alert
  • Send SMS/Text from your computer
  • Answer call from your computer
  • Ignore call from your computer
  • Activate Speaker phone from your computer
  • Control call volume from your computer
  • Place/Dial call from your computer
  • Disconnect call from your computer
  • Blurts will auto start on device reset
  • Options to control alerts

Blurts costs $4.99 until November 15th (regularly $5.99).

Another application worth trying, that does the same thing, is Elertify. Elertify also costs $4.99 until November 15th but it has a speech component which Blurt does not seem to have. This might make Elertify a better deal, but we’ll have to give you a head-to-head review soon.

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530 announced and preloaded with App World

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The Sprint BlackBerry 8530 has been announced by Sprint and while we don’t have pricing and release dates yet, there is still some interesting news embedded in the press release.

According to the press release, “Sprint’s BlackBerry Curve 8530 will offer BlackBerry App World for instant access to thousands of applications. Sprint has employed an open Internet approach, and the Sprint Application Developer Program has been providing tools for third-party developers, since Sprint first launched the Wireless Web on its phones in 2001.”

These two statements are vague but seem to suggest that Sprint will be offering both App World, and their Sprint branded content. Sprint isn’t saying much about how they will offer BlackBerry App World, but hopefully it will come fully preinstalled. Sprint is also very vague about how they will deploy content created in their Application Developer Program. Ideally, it would go into App World, but it’s more likely it will be made for preload. Overall, I’m hoping carriers stop trying to compete with App World and just let it be the place where BlackBerry users go to get all their apps.

In any case, the 8530 will come in Black, Royal Purple and Red. Sprint will also be offering an All You Can Eat data plan for $69.99 per month.

More talk about RIM takeover by Microsoft

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The subject has been brought up countless times: will Microsoft ever buy RIM? Surely, if you ever spoke with Jim Balsillie or Mike Lazaridis, the idea would be out of the question, but who knows?

National Bank analyst Richard Tse thinks it’s a possibility, saying that if shares in RIM keep falling, investors should consider it a possibility.

Talking about the Microsoft buyout, Tse says: “Sticking with Microsoft, sure Windows Mobile 7 is on its way but wouldn’t RIM be able to offer what they’ve strived to get beyond their OS and Office – another wedge into the enterprise. We sure wouldn’t rule this out.”

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