Author: JW Luce

Free GPS tracking app for BlackBerry LiveTracker updated



LiveTracker Beta is a free GPS tracking app and it has recently been updated to internal version number: 0.1.6. This versions solves some minor issues of the previous beta but has no functionality changes.

Download your FREE copy of LiveTracker Beta.

After you installed the application, just start LiveTracker and it will start searching for GPS location fixes. There is also a “share location” option in the program’s menu where you can share your current location with your friends.

The makers of LiveTracker, SkyLab Mobile Systems, also offer a free maps program called TopoExplorer.


(Rumor) Skyfire mobile browser to hit BlackBerry very soon


Back at CTIA last year we posted about Skyfire, a mobile web browser that is really slick. The browser supports Ajax, Flash, Silverlight and it runs faster than Opera and Safari Mobile. When we posted about it, readers weren’t very happy with us because it wasn’t BlackBerry compatible.

According to a LinkedIn thread, they are very close to offering BlackBerry compatibility.

Skyfire has just begun the alpha test for Blackberry devices. In a first moment this will cover Bold, Curve, Pearl and the 8830.

We should expect to see a press release about Skyfire for BlackBerry very soon so get ready.


Free Weather watching software for the BlackBerry Storm


It seems like there are a ton of Weather Apps out there. I’ve been testing Weather Eye Touch Version You can sign up at the website in order to obtain an OTA link. After installation run the application.

Now you can set your preferences for primary city, language, temperature type, and toggle the Home Screen Icon on and off. The Icon for the application is kind of cool; it will show you the current temperature and conditions. My instance I’m sitting in Richmond, VA this week and its cloudy and around 48 degrees.

After you apply your settings the application starts you out on the current conditions. This will give you the wind, pressure, humidity, visibility, ceiling, sunrise, and sunset. However, in my case sunrise and sunset were set to N/A.

Another feature is the Short Term Forecast. It will sort of help you plan out the rest of your day. You can see what the forecast will be for the afternoon, evening and overnight. Maybe you had aspirations of grilling out on the deck, or catching a band out an outdoor pavilion, or possibly catching another band indoors. Pull up the short term forecast and see what Mother Nature has in store for you.
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iHeartradio for the BlackBerry Storm


Recently, iHeartradio has launched a BETA for the BlackBerry Storm. The user interface looks slick and I just wanted to share some screenshots.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can download iHeartradio for the BlackBerry Storm here.

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Google Voice Search for the BlackBerry UPDATE


Google Search for BlackBerry now uses voice search. I put it on my BlackBerry Storm 9530 and it recognizes speech fairly well.  On the Storm it brings up the keyboard which you can’t get rid of. This I found slightly annoying.  Also, it isn’t obvious how to scroll through the selections. Google Search looks great on my Storm and I’m curious, how does it look on your device?

{ED NOTE: The title said Storm because that is what the author was using. It did not mean to imply a version specifically for the Storm.]

Click though to see screenshots from my Storm


Fitness and diet monitoring and tracking with your BlackBerry



I decided I should probably try to get my blood pressure under control. My Doctor hooked me up with a dietician and she has me keeping track of my calorie intake and my exercise habits. At first I thought, piece of cake, I’ll just write down everything in a notebook. After the first 3 weeks I lost my notebook. I got another notebook, but it’s just too tedious to keep up with. After a little deductive reasoning, the next best solution would be to use my Blackberry device as my journal, as I never lose track of it, knock on wood. After going through what was available online I decided on Ascendo Fitness. My first impression is I like what I see so far.
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NUForce NE-7M headset for the BlackBerry Storm


I was in the market for a wired in-ear headset. I tried a couple off the shelf of a local wireless store, but none them lived up to my standard for listening to music. I ordered the NU Force NE-7M wired headset, based on a suggestion from a colleague. So far, these are great little mid priced ear buds. Call quality isn’t too shabby either.

I’ve got the Blackberry Storm, which came with the generic headset. The ear buds on those never fit in my ears and on long train rides they tend to fall out or don’t block out enough noise. The NE-7M’s do a great job of staying in my ears and blocking out the background noise at even low levels, when you pause the music you can hold a conversation. The mic has a pause button, which comes in handy when people walk up and want to talk to you. There are no buttons on the headset to skip music; I use my side buttons for that.
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