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TeleNav GPS Plus On Sale for Verizon BlackBerry: $9.99/year


If you’re tired of getting lost or Google Maps not telling you to turn and you’re on Verizon, TeleNav has a sweet deal. Drop $9.99 for the year and you get TeleNav GPS Plus for a year. It’s the full app that provides the following:
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Slacker Radio Launches On-Demand Music Service


Slacker On Demand

It appears that in the fierce battle between the streaming music offerings, Slacker Radio is upping the ante. Slacker now offers three tiers of service that range from the entirely free Slacker Basic Radio service, to the ad-free Slacker Radio Plus to on-demand access with Slacker Premium Radio for $9.99/month.

Slacker Premium Radio now allows:
• Search, play and replay specific songs or entire albums
• Create specific playlists on mobile and on the web
• Off-line playback of stations, playlists and albums on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry smartphones
• Replay specific songs on programmed and custom stations
• Browse and play “Favorite” songs, now collected in one location
• Unlimited song skipping
• Ad-free listening
• Complete song lyrics (when available)
• Browse Top Charts on all Slacker genre stations
• “Peek Ahead” artist, album and song preview
• Ability to skip forward and backward
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Zeus Trojan Infects BlackBerry via SMS



BlackBerry is a mostly secure platform, but information on a new Zeus Trojan that has migrated to the BlackBerry has recently been announced.  In an effort to help keep you and your fellow BlackBerry users safe, we want to share the details of the trojan. According to infoseland “The malware allows remote access of infected Blackberry devices by the attacker, who can then change the SMS message default number, add a new device administrator, control blocked call lists, and even turn the device on and off. The Trojan also removes itself from the list of installed applications to avoid scanning and detection by antivirus software.”

Cert Polska reports that once the trojan is downloaded, you have a few removal options. The trojan sent the file cert.jad . Upon it’s installation, you’ll find sertificate, which is either sertificate.jar or sertificate.cod under Options -> Applications. Delete this application and reboot your phone. If this is unsuccessful or if you’d like a more thorough approach, you can do a full wipe of the device.

Stay safe out there and don’t install software via SMS unless you specifically requested it.

Sources: Infosecland and CERT

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BlackBerry Curve 8530 OS Update from Sprint


Hat tip to my pal, Bobby Freeman, for pointing to the OS update for the Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530. You’ll get a nice little bump up to Sure, it’s not OS 6, but each incremental step is a bit better than before, isn’t it? Catch the upgrade at BlackBerry’s site.


Flippin’ Sweet – BlackBerry 9670 Coming to Sprint?


The beat on the street per the boys of BGR (they may or may not ALSO be the boys of summer) is that the Verizon exclusivity of the new BlackBerry 9670 clamshell may have been as fleeting as your last summer hookup. According to new photos and details, the device may also be making its way over to Sprint for some additional CDMA love. Are you excited about the possibilities of this device on Sprint?

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Slacker 3.0 With Wireless Caching Live!



Slacker fans rejoice, Slacker 3.0 is now available for download! The biggest change is that you can now cache your stations wirelessly while you sleep for a fresh brew of music to go with your morning coffee. It’s available for download now via your BlackBerry browser at or App World. Per Slacker, here are some of the new features in version 3.0:

• Updated interface
• Faster application startup time
• Significantly smaller application size
• Improved touch interface for BlackBerry Storm
• Greatly improved battery life
• New settings menu options
• Tabbed info view for lyrics, reviews and biographies

Check out the full release after the break.

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