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When texting is superior


I suppose I’m one of the few members of Generation Y that still doesn’t get the concept of texting. At least, the kind of texting that teenagers do. But on the grown up side of things, there’s times when texting is the superior form of communication. That is, according to

The article talks about texting to others during presentations - that just sounds disrespectful. Almost as disrespectful as sending a text as opposed to talking with your subject.

Texting can also be much more prudent than conducting cell phone calls in public, especially for those people afflicted with “cell yell.” Communicating with colleagues while you are in a hotel lobby, coffee shop, or airport can be much more private than sharing confidential information over the phone, especially when the connection is less than stellar.

I have my own version of the “cell yell” that involves me screaming at anyone using their device in the aforementioned places. It’s usually followed with something or someone being stuck into a trash bin.

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Personal use gets a little too personal


You’d think a police officer would be able to track his steps better, or at least be more concerned about the trail he leaves behind. An article from has former police chief Gordon Wiborg, hired by the city in December 2004, being forced to resign after it was discovered that he was sending inappropriate messages to another male officer using a company-issued BlackBerry.

The records include a computer message sent Dec. 23 in which Wiborg professes romantic interest in the man.

“I’m infatuated, addicted. Totally and completely in love with you,” Wiborg wrote. “There. I said it. I’m sorry. I didn’t want this to happen but I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry.”

I’ll repeat - Over 500 pages of inappropriate messages. I couldn’t conjure up 500 pages of inappropriate material when I was a teen, so kudos Mr. Policeman. This is just a reminder, folks. If it’s for work, keep it for work.

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T-Mobile’s 8800 coming April 23


Well, we’re always about rumours here at BlackBerry Cool, and here’s another one to toss your way. The folks over at are reporting that a tipster’s done tipped them off about T-Mobile’s possible release date for the BlackBerry 8800. Yes, I know for the last little while we’ve been squawking about the 8300, but T-Mo’s business class still needs a device, right?

We’re looking at April 23 as the possible release date. Nothings set in stone just yet (meaning we’ve yet to see a press release), but we’ll keep you abreast of the situation.

That means we’ll keep on top of things for you. Don’t be silly.

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