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T-Mobile’s 8800 coming April 23


Well, we’re always about rumours here at BlackBerry Cool, and here’s another one to toss your way. The folks over at are reporting that a tipster’s done tipped them off about T-Mobile’s possible release date for the BlackBerry 8800. Yes, I know for the last little while we’ve been squawking about the 8300, but T-Mo’s business class still needs a device, right?

We’re looking at April 23 as the possible release date. Nothings set in stone just yet (meaning we’ve yet to see a press release), but we’ll keep you abreast of the situation.

That means we’ll keep on top of things for you. Don’t be silly.

Weekly Contest: the addict’s constant struggle



What a… disheartening title. So very depressing. Anyway, we’ve all had our battles against detractors over the days, months, years that we’ve been around, and over time, we learn to deal. When you pick up a BlackBerry, though, the battle stiffens. More and more people seem to have an opinion about you and your device as soon as they see you in full-on “prayer” posture, checking and sending email. My question to you this week is this: how do you deal with the BlackBerry detractors in your life? Best response/story will walk away with a tax-free $20 itunes gift certificate. Good luck.

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CNet pits BlackBerry against BlackJack



What I love about CNet is how technical they get in their reviews. In a recent head-to-head comparison of the BlackBerry 8800 and Samsung’s BlackJack competition, CNet looks into the categories that matter, giving ratings out of 5 for each: sexiness (Samsung took it 4-3), navigation (tie, 4-4), connectivity (5-4 for Samsung), multimedia (Samsung again, 4-3), and call quality (4-3 for, you guessed it, Samsung).

Check out the full video after the jump. I just wanted to post that screen cap up there because CNet’s Veronica Belmont is probably used to guys fawning over her all the time. Just goes to show that even the hotest tech girls on the net can sometimes have a sexiness rating lower than the BlackBerry 8800. For a more flattering (and accurate) portrait, go here.
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BBForums celebrates 100,000 users with contest


bbfhooray.jpgNot only is there a long weekend coming up, but we’ve got reason to celebrate going into it (not that there isn’t already, that is). Our good pals over at BlackBerryForums are celebrating the registration of their 100,000th user by offering a contest to all of their members. The winner could walk away with a brand new 8800, or one of a wackload of cases also up for grabs.

All you’ve got to do is a) be a member b) have at least 20 posts by the time the drawing occurs (that happens when the Forum gets to 110,000 users) and c) to enter, you’ve got to private message the 100,000 user. All of the details are ready and waiting for you here. Congratulations, folks. We’d hug you, but that’s just not our style.

Verizon 8830 Cyclone press shots surface



Oh, geez. I love it when these press shots flourish out of the blue, always a nice surprise. Thanks to Ho-Fo, Phone Arena, and Gizmodo individually for their info about Verizon’s upcoming release of the BlackBerry 8830 “Cyclone”. They’re all pretty much regurgitating what we told you a couple of months ago (CDMA/GSM hybrid, QVGA screen, microSD slot, and 3G EV-DO support, no camera, etc.), but now we’ve got press shots, which can only mean it’s on its way (we’ve been hearing May, right? June at the latest).

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Research got its Motion back


I can’t take credit for that title. The geniuses over at CNN Money can have it. But apart from their poor titling, they’ve done a great job of shining a stock spotlight on RIM and their hurdles over the past while and how it looks as though they’re on the up and up. Who else really wishes they’d invested sooner?

Lawrence Harris, an analyst with Oppenheimer & Co., said competitors will have a tough time unseating RIM in the corporate market. He thinks the BlackBerry’s ease of use makes the devices more popular with corporations that need to buy them en masse.

“I think the key thing [for RIM] is they just don’t sell devices, they sell solutions,” Harris said.

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