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Description: Pocket Express Delivers: news, weather, sports, stocks, directory lookups, maps and directions automatically and on-demand to your BlackBerry

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Added : 06-06-2005
Downloads: 1007
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License  : Trial
Company  : Handmark
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Rating : 3.00

Votes : 2
Reviews : 2

Reviews: (2)
  • This is the NUTS. A must have for anyone that travels, needs to find someone, keep up with sports, news and weather....or just PLAY AROUND and phone brag!!!
    Strongly recommend!!!!

    (Added: 07-11-2005 User Guest )
  • It's a pretty good program - my major gripe is that the map module does not work for Canada (US only) An upgrade is suposed to be forthcoming but has not appeared.
    (Added: 07-08-2005 User Guest )
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