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10 Ways to Use Wolfram Alpha Voice Control With BlackBerry 10



Recently, BlackBerry and Wolfram Alpha partnered to make the BlackBerry Voice Control app more useful. In the press release, BlackBerry said that Wolfram Alpha could help users with queries such as “what’s 18% of $43.00?”. This is basically impossible to do because the voice control can never properly recognize numbers. For example, if you say “what is 18 percent of 500″, you’ll get something like “8 teens percent of 5 hundred” and it won’t know what you’re talking about. After realizing this, we wanted to see what was possible with Wolfram Alpha on BlackBerry 10. There’s actually a lot it can do to make life easier, but we’re going to say that mathematical queries is not one of them.
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BBM On iOS and Android Review: Basic Features With Big Implications



BlackBerry announced that BBM on iOS and Android hit the 10 million download mark and for a first day launch, that’s pretty incredible. The question, is whether BlackBerry can grow and keep those users engaged, in order to rival WhatsApp’s 350 monthly active users, and be a significant player in the industry. We’ve played around with BBM for iOS and Android, as well as asked some friends in the biz what they think.

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BBM Channels Beta Review: BlackBerry’s Monetization Strategy for BBM



BlackBerry is ramping up BlackBerry Channels and it looks like it’s going to be the monetization tool for BBM. While WhatsApp charges $0.99 per year, it seems BlackBerry is going to find an alternative monetization strategy by leveraging brands and possibly advertising in the BBM Channels network. Perhaps this has nothing to do with monetization, but that’s our best guess and we’re sticking to it. So what is it going to take for BBM Channels to be a successful cross-platform content network? Read on.
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BlackBerry Q5 Review: The Affordable, BlackBerry 10 QWERTY Smartphone



The BlackBerry Q5 was announced at BlackBerry World 2013 in Orlando, Florida. The smartphone bills itself as an affordable and modern QWERTY smartphone that has all the apps you expect on BlackBerry 10, coupled with the productivity and ease of messaging that BlackBerry is known for. So does it live up to expectations? Read on and see.
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“The App That Scares Me The Most is Evernote” #GTEC13



At GTEC 2013, Citrix’s Chief Security Strategist, held a session titled “MDM: How to Develop and Implement Policies to Manage and Secure Mobile Devices”. There was a lot of really interesting discussion around the changing pace of mobile adoption and how IT should handle common problems such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and CYOD (Choose Your Own Device).

One of the more interesting quotes from the session was: “the app that scares me the most is Evernote”. This quote came from a discussion around apps and how to protect data given the explosion of consumer apps and data storage fragmentation. Why does it scare IT so much? It’s actually a very pragmatic reason.
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BlackBerry At #GTEC13 Talking Enterprise Mobility


BlackBerry was at GTEC 2013 in Ottawa, talking to its most loyal customer: government. In terms of enterprise mobility topics, BlackBerry is focused on BES 10, Multi-Platform Enterprise Mobility Management, security and BlackBerry 10.
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