ThoughtPiece: BlackBerry Users Have More Fun

May 10, 2007: 

In honor of those having all the fun at WES this week, and knowing that any serious article would be overwhelmed by all of the coverage from WES, I thought I’d offer up a more lighthearted column. So in that spirit I offer up 3 reasons why BlackBerry users have more fun:

BBCool/MCA podcast great success!

May 09, 2007: 

Our aforementioned podcast with the Mobile Computing Authority is up and running, available by direct downloaddirect download, RSS, or iTunes. Listen as Craig and Douglas talk bad schwag, Mikey’s keynote, and interview Idokorro Mobile’s CEO Rob Woodbridge.

BlackBerry Cool couldn’t possibly roll any harder, talks RIM with the Jim-Dog

May 09, 2007: 

One would think that after a long day of work, at the WES after after party (after after after party?), RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie would want to sit back and take a load off. Not so: the Big B is always ready and eager to talk BlackBerry and the mobile space — and is easily [...]

How to track by GPS without being a stalker

May 09, 2007: 

Download the interview here.
The idea of GPS tracking might just be a little too creepy for some folks, but in Doug’s interview with Patrick Rousseau, from BlackLine GPS, one comment fundamentally sold me on the idea: “The number one call between two phones is ‘Where are you?’ “ Having the ability to seamlessly undercut [...]

Red Pearl sneaks under the radar

May 09, 2007: 

The blogging community is breathing a collective “WTF” over Rogers’ covertly released red Pearl. Doug eyeballed it during a keynote at WES which got him a little excited. Rogers is asking $249.99 with a 3-year hook in your cheek, just like all the others. While that might be the second red device out today, [...]

BlackBerry Cool Rolls Large

May 08, 2007: 

Hey guys. Just bumped into my good friend and long time BlackBerry Cool reader Mike Lazaridis on the showfloor, and he was gracious enough to pose for a picture. You da man, Mikey!
BTW, I’m not high in this photo — it’s just been a 4 latte day, if you know what I mean.

WES 2007 Rumors: The Next-Gen Pearl

May 08, 2007: 

Haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, but that’s because I had to dig deep for this dirt on the next-gen BlackBerry Pearl. That’s right, Pearl 2.0.
Now, obviously RIM always has something in the works for new devices, and with the Pearl being a runaway quasi-consumer success, it makes sense for them to [...]

Pre-WES analyst meeting boosts RIM stock

May 08, 2007: 

The analyst meeting yesterday obviously did good things for investors.
“On the gaining side, Research In Motion Ltd. (nasdaq: RIMM - news - people ) rose $4.19, or 2.9 percent, to $143.91 after a conference left analysts saying positive things about the Blackberry maker.”
Not a huge shocker. Things will probably keep [...]

BlackBerry Cool at WES 2007: Content Update (updated)

May 08, 2007: 

This is just a reminder that we’ll be doing a joint podcast with the Mobile Computing Authority around 5pm today in the Marriott World Center at the open restaurant nearby where the Yahoo party was held last night. If you’d like to hang around we’ll always welcome the BBCool faithful.
Update: the podcast went great and [...]

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