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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: TeleNav Track


TeleNavTeleNav, most prominently known for their navigation services, have branched into commercial GPS tracking to help enterprises keep tabs on assets, remote workers and vehicles. Their experience with the consumer market has certainly helped them with their latest TeleNav Track product, but have met plenty of new challenges here. We take some time with Sal Dhanani from TeleNav to talk shop about GPS and enterprise.

Read a snippet of our talk with TeleNav after the jump!

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Vlingo


BlackBerry CoolI talked with Vlingo CEO Dave Grannan prior to their announcement of Vlingo last week, and was pretty pumped for the product – after all, voice activation on your BlackBerry is a pretty awesome idea. Although the launch has encountered a few bumps, and I’m still training Vlingo like a naughty puppy to recognize my authority, our talk still gives you a run-through of what Vlingo is about and what kind of future features we can expect in the future. I for one still hold a lot of hope for the application, even though it’s not running perfectly just yet.

Here’s a quick excerpt of our interview with Vlingo.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 32


BlackBerry CoolThe illustrious Mr. Douglas Soltys graces us with his presence this episode, as we run down the week’s news…

All MP3 and no iTunes makes RSS a dull boy.

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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Get Connected Fairly Act


Parliament HillI was going to sit on this one until next week’s podcast, but it was just too good to hold out on. Member of Parliament David McGuinty is heading up a little something called Bill C-555 (a.k.a the Get Connected Fairly Act), which is aiming to eliminate extraneous wireless costs like data overages and system access fees for Canadian consumers and enterprises in the hopes of increasing adoption and overall quality of life. Best part of all? He wants all Canadian mobiles to be unlocked. A noble cause indeed, and one that BBCool is most certainly behind. If you’ve got 13 minutes, it’s always awesome to hear about the Canadian wireless landscape sucking just a little bit less. Go ahead and learn more about Bill C-555 and even sign the petition if you’re north of the border. Fight for your right to MP3, rock the iTunes vote, and viva la RSS.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 31


BBCoolThis week the BlackBerry Javelin dominates our attention, but of course there’s always something going on in India. Rogers also got some new data plans which just fall short of unlimited, but also offer the BlackBerry 8820, which will nicely take advantage of their UMA service. To cap it all off, we shift gears away from developer interviews, and chat with two specialists out of California: Brian Boxer Wachler, eye specialist; and Glenn Cohen, hand surgeon. Learn not only the physical effects of your BlackBerry habits, but what the experts have to say on device design. Grab the MP3, yoink it off iTunes, or pilfer the podcast from our RSS.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 30


BBCoolBBCool hits the big three-oh, interviewing Best of WES Awards winners Bayalink and Neverfail, along with the week’s news, including the latest on the BlackBerry Kickstart, more disputes over the BlackBerry rollout in India, and a couple of international releases. Get your MP3 on, your iTunes on or your RSS feed on.