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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 29


BBCoolDoug and Simon reminisce about WES, and we talk with our choice for Best of WES: Consumer Award winner, Unity4Life about their awesome new home remote control system. Nothing quite like using your BlackBerry to record shows when you’re not at home. If you haven’t seen the video demo, check it out! Grab the podcast in the canonical MP3, the quintessential iTunes, or esoteric XML formats.

WES 08 Hangover Week: Audio Interview Round Up


microphoneKeeping with the ‘Long Weekend’ meme, we’ve decided to round up every audio interview from WES 2008. If you weren’t there, you missed quite a sight: Simon went completely bananas interviewing as many companies as possible, sometimes two at once. In honor of that dedication, you can find no less than six interviews in one post! Of course, you can always subscribe to our podcasts/interviews via RSS or iTunes

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WES 08 Interview: BoxTone


AYBABTUWe had a sit-down with Brian Reed from BoxTone about their lounge just as it was being torn down (pardon the noise). A big part of the conversation involved RIM’s set-up in Florida, how the convention went as a whole, and possibilities for the future. Brian’s been on our podcast before to talk about BoxTone, and they had plenty to show off on the showcase with their recent partnership with Neverfail. Big thanks to the BoxTone crew for setting up the lounge – it was a great spot to take a load off, meet people, and get ready to head off again. Only improvement I could think of is getting the Wii rolling like they were planning, and having the hotel set up some drinks there would have been sweet.

WES 08 Interview: ISEC7


TieguyWe covered these guys when we first heard of their remote control app, so it was good to sit down and talk with Guido and Matthias about B*Nator, and their Remote Control feature available for free trial over here.

WES 08 Interview: Mobile Governance Council


BBCoolWe had a chat with Chris Harold about his internal rollout of the Mobile Governance Council. It’s a private organization, but a very interesting way of establishing standards for IT setups. By determining what needs to be available from an internal smartphone rollout, such as remote wiping, availability, and all that jazz, Chris tells us how enterprise can outline their upcoming rollout. This kind of system also offers a way of solutions providers to squeeze their way into particular markets to solve specific problems. Take a listen!

The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: WES 08 Day 3 (Irv Witte, Rogers VP of Business Marketing)


BlackBerry Cool WES '08 PodcastWith each passing day of WES 2008, my eyes become more bloodshot. However, our podcasts keep getting better and better. For example, today we have for your listening pleasure a two on one interview between Simon, myself and Irv Witte, Rogers VP of Business Marketing. Join us as we discuss Rogers relationship with RIM, the coming BlackBerry Bold, iPhone how mobile devices get made, and the growth of the BlackBerry ecosystem.

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