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Telus BlackBerry Storm Unboxing


There’s nothing like unboxing a brand new BlackBerry, especially when it’s free. Especially when you’re using another another free BlackBerry Storm to record the video.

Here’s a few things I’ve learn since recording the video yesterday morning. Firstly, while the Storm demo units at the launch party were running OS, I can confirm that our boxed versions are running the much improved OS In addition, it appears that my previous suspicions were correct — the Telus BlackBerry Storms do not contain the Application Center. Considering the launch is imminent, I don’t expect this to change before then.

You can see some more unboxing photos after the jump, or check out our Telus BlackBerry Storm Impressions post from a few weeks ago.

P.S. Astute viewers may notice me picking up the missing BlackBerry Storm battery at the end of the video above. Consider this the perfect summary of the day I had yesterday.

Telus BlackBerry Storm Unboxing Pictures

Telus BlackBerry Storm Copy and Paste


Something all BlackBerry users are interested in, and apparently something iPhone users will never get, is the BlackBerry Storm’s copy and paste functionality. While playing with the Telus BlackBerry Storm today, I had to record a video of how simple it is. I really enjoy how the copy and cut options pop up on the bottom of the screen once you’ve made your text selection. Why can’t Apple figure this out?


Updated: The Definitive BlackBerry Bold versus iPhone 3G Browser Comparison (video)


iPhone 3G BlackBerry Bold Browser Speed test Screenshot

Update: Just got talking to a couple of our friends at RIM, who said they weren’t surprised by the results of our test. It turns out that the focus of RIM’s development for the new rendering engine in OS 4.6 was in stability, not performance, and the Waterloo crew is still working on speed optimization. What this means is that future OS updates from RIM will require additional speed tests.

While previous results had been contested, we hope to put the BlackBerry Bold versus iPhone 3G browser debate to bed. Taking some time with our brand-spanking-new Bold and QuicklyBored EIC, Kyle McInnes’ iPhone 3G, we put the two beasts through some browsing hoops to see who can get through the fastest. We tested on Wi-Fi only, 3G-only, both with and without JavaScript enabled. Sadly, our results are pretty conclusive – the iPhone’s browser is faster.

To be fair, it’s not by much – maybe a two to three second delay, depending on the site, but it’s enough to notice the difference. We’re also running on BIS, so don’t have enterprise servers doing a lot of the compression for us. The Bold’s browser is still a huge upgrade for BlackBerry, and definitely more enjoyable than what I was using on the Pearl. While we’re calling this test definitive (we ran a series of five tests using multiple sites each time), your mileage may vary – if you’ve got both devices in hand, take some time to wipe the caches and run a few tests. We’d love to hear if our results match up, and love even more to hear if they don’t.

Click here to see the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Bold Browser speed test

Rogers BlackBerry Bold media launch (video)


John Boynton, chief marketing officer from Rogers and RIM’s Patrick Spence introduced the BlackBerry Bold to press in Toronto today, and they went through a brief spiel about the partnership between the two companies, and how awesome the Bold and/or Rogers is. It’s a rocky launch for the BlackBerry 9000 in Canada, for sure, but Best Buy and Future Shop will both start receiving their stock tomorrow.


BlackBerry Bold disassembly and assembly


A lot of you are probably living somewhere where the BlackBerry 9000 isn’t even available yet, so the very sight of one being busted apart could be a bit of a tear-jerker, but the fine folks at have posted the disassembly process. The LCD and keypad look very similar to other BlackBerrys (like the 8800), and the trackball is exactly the same. Might be time to replace that casing, eh BG?

(via BBWorld)


BlackBerry Bold reassembly video behind the jump!

How to: BlackBerry 8800 diassessembly, repair, and reassembly (video)


If you’ve got a roasted keypad on your BlackBerry 8800-series device, take a look at this video. It’s a little long, but goes through every step nice and slowly. Even if you’re carrying something else, it might be worth checking out The Moment of Truth at 14:50. Oh, and the skin is from DecalGirl, if you’re curious.

Bullet points for the BlackBerry 8800 diassessembly, repair, and reassembly behind the jump…