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BlackBerry Bold browser in action (video)


One of the bigger upgrades with the BlackBerry Bold is the browsing experience, which you can see clearly in this video from Boy Genius. You get a look at the general rendering capability of OS 4.6, as well as speed differences between EDGE and Wi-Fi. I’d be curious to see how 3G compares… On the whole this is a much needed update – the poor BlackBerry browser has been a point of contention for plenty of users for a good long time. You guys happy to see the problem fixed? What’s the next biggest issue RIM needs to tackle?

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BlackBerry Tips: BlackBerry Memory Management Video


BlackBerry memory management tips

As you can tell from our Zumobi hands-on impressions post, the mobile widget application can be quite the memory hog by BlackBerry standards (highly understandable considering what it provides) and has been a little troublesome for members of the BlackBerry Nation rocking, ahem, less-than-new devices. However, our friends at Zumobi aren’t ones to rest in times of need, and have put together a video of handy memory management tips so your BlackBerry is running clean and your Zoomspace is quick.

Check out the video above (compiled partially from tips offered right here on BlackBerry Cool), but make sure to post your own memory management tip in the comments. Special thanks to the lovely Beth for compiling the video!

Watch the BlackBerry memory management video after the jump

A little story about raunchy BlackBerry Guys


Last month our current writer for Windows Mobile Cool, Bambi Blue, was down at North by Northeast in Toronto covering some news for Trans Canada Radio. While enjoying lunch at a quiet, chic restaurant, one of these BlackBerry guys flung themselves violently against the front window overlooking the street – face-first, arms wide open. This was a fairly upscale place, so everyone there was stunned and aghast when the guy reached down to his scrollball and started rubbing it in a less-than-wholesome way. After doing a sexy little dance, BlackBerry guy number two came crashing in, doing all sorts of things to the first that kept the diners well and truly shocked. Unfortunately, they ran off before she could grab any pictures, but Bambi still learned a valuable lesson: BlackBerry guys are possibly the coolest mascots on the planet.

(video via CB)


Pico projector for BlackBerry


Here’s a cool little toy coming from Texas Intrsuments…Microvision was working on something similar, so it’s clearly a technology that’s gaining some popularity. For on-the-spot business presentations, I could see the use, but would the battery hold out for the length of a movie? TV show?

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BlackBerry Javelin caught on video


Engadget just scored some screen time with the new BlackBerry Javelin, which, as you may know, will be something like the BlackBerry Bold with Wi-Fi and GPS, minus 3G. The BlackBerry Javelin will also be packing a slightly beefed camera, clocking in at 3.2 megapixels. Pictures surfaced yesterday, whetting our palette, and the full 360 view is more than welcome. Back at WES I had heard of a BlackBerry 9400 which was to be an upgraded Curve, and with the spaced-out keys, this looks like it. It’s also worth noting that there’s no externally-accessible microSD slot on the left side… Maybe back to the olden days of under-the-battery memory cards? Keep an eye out for this beaut in mid-09.

New BBGeeks YouTube commercial (NSFW?)


I’m heading to Toronto today, and Simon is still on vacation, so news will unfortunately be light. But it’s Friday, so enjoy photos of the new BlackBerry KickStart and a video made by our friends at BBGeeks. It’s a little NSFW, but I feel it aptly depicts the trials and tribulations of the BlackBerry Nation.