Ascendo English-to-Italian, Italian-to-English Dictionary and Phrase Book for BlackBerry v4.1.2
by Ascendo Inc.
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Ascendo English-to-Italian, Italian-to-English Dictionary and Phrase Book is the most comprehensive product of its kind for BlackBerry.

Includes 664,895 entries with long definitions comprised of context, parts of speech, gender and several meanings for most words.

Incorporates keywords, compound forms, travel phrases, vocabulary quiz and more. Whether for business or leisure, Ascendo Language products are the perfect companions to get the most out of your travels.


- Lookup words quickly and easily instead of fumbling through the pages of a paper dictionary.
- Increase your mobility by eliminating the need to carry one or several paper dictionaries every where you go.
- Improve your knowledge of language with study tools like travel phrases and vocabulary quizzes.

  • Comprehensive database including 664,895 entries.
  • Quick lookups. Each keystroke reduces the list to matching entries and/or scroll down to desired word and click on word to display word definitions.
  • Long definitions with several meanings for most words in the database.
  • Definitions include parts of speech such as noun, verb, etc.
  • Nouns definitions include gender, for example "macchina(car)" is feminine or "albero(tree)" is masculine.
  • Keywords and Compound Forms, for example "phone", "phone book", "phone booth", "phone call".
  • Twenty travel phrase pairs in English and Italian organized by category; Conversation, Food & Drink, Making Friends and Useful Expressions.
  • Multiple choice vocabulary quiz. Keeps score and displays percentage of questions correctly answered.
  • Choice of English or Italian for user interface elements like menu choices and screen text.

Minimum Requirements:
  • 2.5M free disk space
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