Titan Files Encrypts and Protects Your Data Using NSA Approved Encryption On Your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone


Titan Files is a useful app that adds an extra layer of security and protection to the files on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. What caught my eye about the app description, is that it boasts using AES encryption, and describe it as the “first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the National Security Agency for top secret information.” With all the news about the NSA possibly putting a backdoor in the AES standards, I thought I’d reach out to the developer about his thoughts on the subject.

Here is the developer’s response:

“When making this app we had no idea of a possible NSA backdoor, and are still skeptical that one exists, and we still think AES is the best encryption choice for the app.

If we do assume the NSA has such a backdoor though and could decrypt the files, Titan Files still provides security in that files contained never make contact with WiFi, radio, or your shared file system. Those are the three main places where file could be intercepted by the NSA or any third party for that matter.

How they might get them through WiFi and radio is obvious but the shared file system less so. An app might ask for shared file permission on your BlackBerry and proceed to copy information from the shared file system and send it back to the malicious developer. When your files are stored in Titan Files they become inaccessible even by apps which ask for file access.

To summarize, none of Titan Files features require the app to connect back any online server, meaning the files on your phone stay on your phone.”

Download Titan Files for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone at this link.

  • http://papogp.com/ Diego Nei, MBA, PMP®

    NSA approved… does that equal to “we can hack it, so we give it our seal of approval?” Honest question. Or does it mean the very opposite?

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    I think they did a good job explaining that the files are offline so they can’t really be accessed. My guess is though, if someone really wants access to your phone’s files, they’ll get access one way or another.

  • gyubok

    Not with Titan Files. As one of the developer of the app, I can assure you, Titan Files will not be cracked.