Vayyoo vPost application updates


Last week was the launch of vPost for BlackBerry. The application lets BlackBerry users capture and email any combination of pictures, video, audio, & GPS location. It’s a multimedia bundle that re-invents email on a BlackBerry.

Once captured you can send multimedia emails to anyone: friends, family, colleagues, blogs, news agencies, and even social networks. Many social networks and news sites have email addresses you can set-up to email photo’s, video, audio, and GPS locations.

Are you a Twitter fan? Follow Vayyoo as they use the app to its fullest extent.

Check out their Marketing Director’s blog powered by vPost:

If you haven’t tried vPost yet, download the free trial here.

If you have already downloaded it, what your thoughts so far?

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A thousand pardons but we forgot a few honorable mentions on our last Staff and Contributors Update.

Jonathan Brandon

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Jonathan works with Smoke Labs on his latest project The Public Post, a Canadian news blog. The site is a great destination for some in-depth commentary on local issues. Apart from being a politically savy individual, Jonathan is also a smartphone enthusiast. Take a look at some of his reviews.

Jude Sweenes
Jude wrote an excellent review of PictureDial for the BlackBerry Storm. Her writing style is elegant and concise which makes for an easy read. A true BlackBerry Storm fan, expect more great reviews from her.

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KyleKyle McInnes

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Kyle has worked on and off for Smoke Labs Media for the past 4 years. After graduating with an Honors degree in Commerce, Kyle went on to do web consulting for the Foreign Trade Administration in Israel. While living in Jerusalem, Kyle worked to bring the staff on board with a social media plan to connect departments across the globe. After leaving Israel, he moved to Korea to teach business English to LG employees in Daejeon. Kyle also manages a comedy site called Street Carnage.

Canadian politicians get burned for BlackBerry addiction


The Speaker of the House, Ken Kowalski, scolded Alberta MLAs (member of the legislative assembly) for using their BlackBerrys too much and not paying attention.

“C’mon now,” said Kowalski. “We agreed on certain things, certain decorum, and I even noted prior to this time today that several members had BlackBerrys out. Please.”

As Kowalski pleaded with members to stop using their BlackBerrys, members laughed and Twittered it (just kidding).

One Tory MLA, Thomas Lukaszuk, admits it’s hard for him to stop using his BlackBerry in the chamber, but denies he’s addicted to it. Lukaszuk noted U.S. President Barack Obama is a big BlackBerry fan and is allowed to use his because it’s allegedly spy-proof.

“If Obama can keep his, I need to keep mine,” said Lukaszuk, adding that, ultimately, he’ll follow the warnings of the house Speaker.

Personally, I think members should be allowed to use their BlackBerrys. It is in fact a Canadian-made device so it’s a point of national pride. What they shouldn’t be doing is wasting our tax dollars at these boring meetings where clearly nothing is getting done.


RIM continues to gain smartphone market share


It has always surprised me that RIM only has around 10% of the smartphone market share. Sometimes I think these numbers might be skewed for a few reasons:

1) How does the survey define a smartphone? I bet many of the models described as smartphones are not “smart” in the sense that BlackBerry users are used to.
2) It’s a global market share. I’m really only concerned with North America and Europe.
3) It’s a conspiracy and Bill Gates is at the center of it all.

During Q4 2008, Nokia’s overall market share fell from 50.9 percent to 40.8 percent and smartphone sales dipped a whopping 17 percent to 15.6 million units. During that same period, RIM doubled its market share, perhaps due to a void left by Nokia.

Where can RIM make big market share gains?

Consumer - If RIM keeps pumping out devices that will get the average user interested, they can make some serious market share gains. It’s about time that people put down their RAZR and pick up a device that is not only a status symbol, but a device that will change the way you feel about technology.

Enterprise - Just keep doing what you’re doing guys. A few more updates to BES, as well as a boost from the dev community, should really give RIM a device that every company will be required to use and abuse.

What would you like to see from RIM in the coming years?


Free theme for BlackBerry Curve 83XX - The Perfect Storm


This definitely isn’t the nicest looking theme I have seen but it’s free. If you’re a theme junkie with an 83XX series device then check it out. It hasn’t been through the necessary QA so don’t bet your life that it’ll work. Here are some notes from the developer:

  • When you do receive a message, there will be a red dot next to Messages caret.
  • I also used 9000 unread and message icons.
  • The Homescreen icons ARE changeable.
  • Download the theme from this OTA link here.


    Lewis Hamilton drives an F1 model with a BlackBerry Storm


    The BlackBerry Storm gets a ton of mixed reviews but if you had a sweet model Formula1 car to control via Bluetooth you wouldn’t be saying anything bad about the device. Check out the above video to see Lewis Hamilton drive a model F1 car with a BlackBerry Storm. The first 2 minutes of the video is set up and it shows you how they got to get Hamilton in on the project. So skip to the half-way mark for the goods.

    Unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS download


    Yet another unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS is out. This time, it’s BlackBerry OS version Personally, I wouldn’t download this. Especially if you are a new to relatively new BlackBerry user. If you’re a power user and are familiar with undoing OS upgrades, then give it a try.

    Get the new OS here.

    Save $250 a year by adding wireless Internet with Alltel


    For customers seeking to cut their bills and save during these TETs, Alltel Wireless today announced that they can now add Wireless Internet as a secondary line of service on a Smart Choice Pack for only $40 a month. Typically $60 a month, this option will save new and existing customers almost $250 a year while delivering fast wireless access from the convenience of a laptop or personal computer.

    Earn 4,000 Delta SkyMiles with your next BlackBerry



    Simplexity, an online seller of cell phones and wireless service plans, today announced the launch of a new opportunity for Delta SkyMiles members to earn thousands of miles towards award ticket travel when they purchase and activate a new BlackBerry.

    With this new offer, SkyMiles members will earn 4,000 miles when they purchase a new BlackBerry, along with a new or extended wireless plan. SkyMiles members may select from a wide range of BlackBerrys available from all major wireless carriers.

    For more info, go to the cellstores site here.

    TELUS gets BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8320


    Today TELUS is adding one more smartphone to its 3G line-up with the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8320. RIM’s first flip smartphone available in black or in a pink version only available at TELUS. The BlackBerry Pearl Flip from TELUS offers the same user friendly features – email, Internet, etc – and reliability that BlackBerry users appreciate, in a compact and smart package. This stylish device with a flip is packed with great multimedia functionalities and two high resolution screens that make it fun and easy to keep in touch with family and friends – by email, text message or phone – browse the Web, capture life’s best moments in photo or video or listen to the latest tracks. The BlackBerry Pearl Flip from TELUS is available with TELUS Navigator, TELUS mobile music, TELUS mobile TV, TELUS mobile radio, Facebook and more.

    The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8320 is available from TELUS for as little as $49.99 on a three-year contract or $449.99 without a contract. For more information about TELUS products and services, visit