Jewel Miner v1.0
by AIM Productions
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Jewel Miner

The mine gets flooded with new jewels and you have to clear them by clicking 3 or more adjacent jewels of the same colour. More lines of jewels appear at the bottom of the screen and your goal is to keep the mine from flooding. Piling up jewels to the top of the screen will lead to "Game Over" and the mine gets flooded with new jewels faster on each new level! Or you can try Continuous mode for unlimited gaming fun! Jewel Miner is one of these famous time-killing games, which are extremely easy to get started with, but very hard to put down!

  • Level Mode or Continuous Mode
  • Play with Small or Big jewels
  • Sound on/off option
  • Hiscore listing
  • continue previous games
  • built-in helpscreen

Minimum Requirements:
  • Blackberry
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