Ascendo Photos for Blackberry v3.11
by  Ascendo Inc.
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Are you looking for a better way to manage photos of your family, friends, vacations, pets and wallpapers on your BlackBerry?

Ascendo Photos allows you to discover, edit and transfer images from your desktop over a data cable or via Bluetooth. Once transferred to you BlackBerry, you can set background images, display slide shows, create screen savers, set up galleries, view thumbnails, send images by email and lots more.

Advanced features make Ascendo Photos the best selling photo manager for BlackBerry.


- Ascendo Photos lets you keep your favorite image with you where ever you go!
- With Ascendo Photos you can optimize your images on a desktop computer and get the most out of them on your BlackBerry.
- Ascendo Photos transforms your BlackBerry into a multimedia companion in addition to being a valuable professional tool.

  • ----------------------------------
  • Automatically discover images stored on your PC in JPG, GIF, BMP, Tiff, and PNG formats. NEW
  • Display images as thumbnails for quick navigation and selection.
  • Connect to your handset and the screen emulator will automatically adjust to the proper size.
  • Drag & Drop images into the emulator. The image will be displayed exactly how it will appear on your BlackBerry. NEW
  • Reposition image using controls for Fit to Screen, Actual Size & Best Fit. NEW
  • Position the cursor over the picture and use the hand icon to move the photo in the emulator screen.
  • Zoom in or out and use the slider bars to pan image from left to right or from top to bottom.
  • Rotate image clock wise or counter clock wise with user defined rotation step. NEW
  • Adjust Contrast and Brightness using slider bars. NEW
  • Define tags such as image name, size, notes and Gallery in which to store image. NEW
  • Set images or Galleries to Private so they will not be displayed during slideshows & screensavers. Create Password to access private images. NEW
  • Load several images from your desktop to your BlackBerry at once. NEW
  • Transfer image to BlackBerry using USB cable or Bluetooth. NEW
  • Email images to a friend from the Desktop.
  • Navigate through directories and display images in expanded or collapsed mode. NEW
  • Set up "Watched Directories" that will be monitored by the Photos Desktop for new images. NEW
  • Customize Photos Desktop with several presets including default size for opening and image and attributes for scanning directories. NEW
  • --------------------------------------------
  • Add, Edit or Delete multiple Photo Galleries. Move image from one Gallery to another.
  • Choose from 100 icons to display next to Gallery names.
  • Display photos in Thumbnail, Detail or List view. NEW
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out and Rotate images on your BlackBerry. NEW
  • Set images as Backgrounds on your BlackBerry home screen*.
  • Save images to a directory and open images with the BlackBerry Photo Album*. NEW
  • Use the BlackBerry Address Book to select an image and display it when a person calls you (Photo Caller-ID)**. NEW
  • Send photos by email or MMS* from your BlackBerry. NEW
  • Display full screen images as a Slide Shows.
  • Create Screen Savers that are activated after a user defined inactivity delay.
  • Select Screensaver Transitioning effects to horizontal, vertical or squares, see below.
  • Override the BlackBerry "Backlight Timeout" so slide shows are displayed as long as you want. NEW
  • Configure Ascendo Photos with presets including Slide Show Delay, Screen Saver Gallery and Show Private Images. NEW
  • Customize user interface with presets such as Default Image View, Skip Splash Screen and Skins (10 color schemes and in application graphics). NEW
  • Display full screen images and use track wheel or track ball to move from one image to another.
  • Change position of an image in a Gallery or Slide Show rotation.
  • Delete images one at a time or "Delete All" images from a Gallery.
  • ------------------
  • Buy Ascendo Photos today and receive Ascendo Theme Pack for BlackBerry ($9.95) and 3 images from Photo Pack by Scott Roush for free.
  • ----------------------
  • Ascendo Photos is part of the Ascendo Wallet suite of applications including Ascendo Money and Ascendo DataVault.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Requires BlackBerry OS 4.0 & above. * requires BB OS 4.1. ** requires BB OS 4.2.
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