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WiFi Media Backup for BlackBerry Transfers Media to PC



Chocolate Chunk Apps have just released WiFi Media Backup for BlackBerry which allows you to automatically upload photos, videos and voice-notes from your BlackBerry to your PC, wirelessly and in the background.

This is a great feature in that you can roam around all day, taking photos, video or voice notes, and when you return to your office or home, they’re there waiting for you on your PC. The application requires two parts: a BlackBerry app, and a lightweight PC application called Media Server.

This app is a great product for anyone who uses a lot of the media capabilities of their device and wants a backup of it all on their PC. Personally, I wish the sync would go both ways, and include the ability to transfer music files as well. That would make this the ultimate over-the-air media app.

More information about WiFi Media Backup available in the BlackBerry Cool store.

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Gmail 2-way syncing coming soon to BlackBerry



Using some of the finer functions and features of Gmail are about to improve. The soon to be implemented Two-way syncing will mean you can edit labels, and more from your desktop, with the changes reflected on your BlackBerry. At present this sort of syncing only works from device to desktop. This two-way feature will mean better mail management with fewer steps no matter where you’re making changes from.