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ScanLife Barcode App Updated with Coupons, Pricing and Nutrition Information



The ScanLife barcode app by Scanbuy is a reliable barcode scanner that many users have been using especially since BBM has stopped being able to scan barcodes for many recently. Perhaps it’s a bug in BBM or RIM has canceled the functionality in order to leave it up to third party developers. Either way, ScanLife is a decent alternative that has been updated to include digital coupons on every day products, prices and availability from local stores and detailed nutrition information from thousands of food products.
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Price Comparison and Barcode-Scanning App Sccope Now Available


sccope app

Sccope is a new price comparison and barcode-scanning app that’s available in App World. The app lets consumers compare prices at some of the larger retailers including Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. The app works by getting the user to enter the name of a product in the search field, browse through the shopping categories or take a photo of the barcode of the product in hand to check the price against Sccope’s 10 million different price points. With a set of participating retailers, you can then navigate to the shopping pages to purchase the product. Users can also make a wish list, track prices and inventory through alerts and receive special offers.

Check out Sccope in App World, priced at $2.99.

Download BlackBerry Apps with 2D Barcodes


Try downloading the above QR code for the foursquare beta app with this method.

Whenever we post a link about an app on BlackBerry Cool that you can download OTA, I’m sure there are many of you who pick up your BlackBerry and hit the site by typing it in your web browser. There is a much more fun way of downloading apps OTA and it involves 2D barcodes, or QR codes.

To do this, get a plugin that generates a QR code from a web link. With FireFox, a good plugin to use is Mobile Barcoder. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the plugin, it allows you to generate a qr code from a link with a simple right click.

Now that you can generate QR codes from links, you just need to scan them on your BlackBerry. For a good barcode scanner, see the BlackBerry Cool guide. I suggest adding the barcode scanner to a Convenience Key, so that with a touch of a button you can be downloading any app off the site.

Try it out with the foursquare beta app found at http://foursquare.com/blackberry/beta-pacman

[Hat tip Sonya at BBDownloads.net]