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Bono and RIM working on secret promotional plan


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Bono was recently quoted as saying RIM is giving him total access to their labs and facilities. When asked about the deal between U2 and RIM, Bono said “I’m very excited about this. Research In Motion is going to give us what Apple wouldn’t — access to their labs and their people so we can do something really spectacular.”

When reporter Mr. Cross attempted to guess at what the partnership would include, he asked if RIM was working on a special U2 application that would help the band interact with fans as part of its “U2 360″ tour

“You’re not far off,” Bono said, before slipping away into the crowd.

Personally, I’m hoping the partnership goes beyond just developing an app. Ideally, Bono would work with RIM on developing a new device entirely. With all of Bono’s charity work in the 3rd world, this would be a good opportunity to develop a device that would contribute to his non-profit work, while helping to promote a great new piece of hardware.

“We used to hold up lighters [at rock concerts]. Now we hold up cellphones,” Mr. Cross said. “What’s going to happen if U2 can, from the stage, instantaneously communicate to each individual person? What form is that interactivity going to take? Are you going to give them a song, are you going to give them a code, are you going to give them an opportunity to text to a screen or meet each other?”